What do we know about the mysterious American military base

Military Base: This is where possibly the most controversial American military base is located.

Mystery: The American government denied the existence of this military base for decades, and it didn't even appear on maps.

Area 51: But Area 51 does exist, and theories abound as to why the base was kept secret for so long.

Explanation: Many believe that the main explanation for this is also one of humanity's great unanswered questions.

Are we alone: The mystery goes even further: if there is alien life, are they among us.

Stories: Area 51 became the subject of lots of alien theories.

Roswell Incident: As told by HUFFPOST, the incident was reported in 1947 by a rancher.

Roswell Incident: According to the rancher, he found wreckage of something he could not identify.

Roswell Incident: But what does the Roswell Incident - one of the most famous alien conspiracy theories.

Aliens: According to the Washington Post, one of the theories about Area 51 is that the location is used by the government to store.

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