Alica Schmidt: from Olympics to catwalk

Young promise in German athletics - 22-year-old Alica Megan Schmidt participated in the Tokyo Olympics as a member of the German 4×400 meter team.

Covid infection - She had a difficult season in which, as she herself revealed on social media, she had to endure the coronavirus and knee ligament injuries.

No medal but... - The German quartet did not make it to the final and left Tokyo empty-handed.

Good news from Alica Schmidt - Despite this, Alica Schmidt left Japan with good news. She said, she was going to "take a break. I really want to come back refreshed and ready to train hard again."

A non-Olympic award - The second good news was that the young German had been voted 'the world's most attractive athlete.'

From Tokyo to the World - It may not have been a medal, but in Alica Schmidt's case, the title has quite changed her life.

Lots of followers on social media - For starters, Alica Schmidt has seen a significant increase in her Instagram following after the Olympics – with more than 2.5 million followers.

More ads (and more revenue) - This meant she received more attention from big brands and was able to increase her advertising revenue.

From 4x400 to the catwalk - As a result of her Olympic popularity, the young German athlete has been able to make the leap into the fashion industry. Now she run both the catwalk and the racecourse.

Destination: Milan - Alica Schmidt already has experience running fashion shows: she was one of the stars in the Milan Fashion Week.

Hugo Boss Fashion Show - She did not walk a fashion show for just any designer: Hugo Boss.

With the biggest names on the catwalk - Alica Schmidt worked with some of the biggest names in modeling: Irina Shayk, Gigi Hadid and Joana Smalls.

TikTok star - The famous Senegalese TikTok star Khaby Lame was also present on the day of the fashion show.

High results on TikTok - The athlete's most successful accounts are those of Instagram and TikTok. After returning from Tokyo,

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