All in Alabama exploring the Deep South

Montgomery: This modest bungalow was the home of Martin Luther King Jr. and his young family early on in his career as a minister.

Montgomery: The Bus Stop Historic Marker on Court Square at the end of Dexter Avenue identifies the spot.

Montgomery: The dazzling inner dome seen from the rotunda floor of the Alabama State Capitol building.

Montgomery: Dating back to 1889, the Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church is named in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

Montgomery: Devotees of country music legend Hank Williams (1923-1953) can pay homage to their guitar.

Montgomery: The First White House of the Confederacy was the 1861 Executive Residence of President Jefferson Davis.

Montgomery: Listed on the National Register of Historic Places as the First Confederate Capitol.

Birmingham: The landmark 16th Street Baptist Church is infamous as the site of a 1963.

Birmingham: The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute is a mandatory stop for anyone interested in the struggles.

Birmingham: The Vulcan Statue that stands on Red Mountain on the outskirts of Birmingham.

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