Amazing European forests

Crooked Forest, Poland - Surely Europe's weirdest-looking woodland, the aptly named Crooked Forest near the town of Gryfino is so named for a grove of oddly-shaped pine trees. 

Forest of Lyons, France - Surrounding the picturesque village of Lyons-la-Foret in Normandy is a vast forest of beech, often cited as the most beautiful beech grove in France.

Wild Taiga, Finland - Finland's taiga forests, also referred to as boreal forests or snow forests.

Irati Forest, Spain - Draped over the Navarre region in northern Spain, the Irati Forest is the largest wooded area on the Iberian Peninsula.

Paimpont Forest, France - Also known as Brocéliande Forest, Forêt de Paimpont in Brittany is associated with the legends surrounding King Arthur.

Glen Affric, Scotland - One of the most alluring glens in the Highlands, Glen Affric is wrapped in a mantle of Caledonian pinewood—one of the largest expanses in Scotland.

Virgin Komi Forests, Russia - The remote Virgin Komi Forests are little visited, located as they are in Russia's Northern Ural Mountains.

Chartreuse Forest, France - You'll need a stout pair of legs to explore the woodland set in Parc Naturel Regional de la Chartreuse.

Durmitor Forest, Montenegro - The Durmitor massif in northwestern Montenegro gives its name to the national park that comprises it.

Gwydir Forest, Wales - Set in the stunning Snowdonia National Park, Gwydir Forest encircles the charming village of Betws-y-Coed.

New Forest, England - The New Forest in Hampshire was once a royal hunting ground for William the Conqueror, the first Norman king of England.

Zauberwald, Germany - Zauberwald translates into English as "Magic Forest," and this pocket of tall pine trees, moss-covered rocks

Umbra Forest, Italy - Italy's Foresta Umbra unfolds over the Gargano Peninsula. It's the country's only remaining part of an ancient oak.

Sonian Forest, Belgium - Back in the day, Sonian Forest was a favorite hunting ground of the Habsburg Imperial family.

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