Amazing natural arches from around the world

Aloba Arch, Chad: Remote Chad in north-central Africa is home to the impressive Aloba Arch, set on the Ennedi Plateau.

Durdle Door, England: One of the most iconic natural wonders in the United Kingdom is Durdle Door.

Etretat, France: The chalk cliffs at Étretat on France's Normandy coast include three natural arches including one called The Manneporte.

Delicate Arch, USA: The 16-m-tall (52 ft) Delicate Arch in Utah's Arches National Park is the most widely recognized landmark in the region.

Elephant Trunk Hill, China: Besides serving as a landmark tourist attraction, Elephant Trunk Hill in Guilin.

Moon Hill, China: Featuring one of the most breathtaking of natural arches found anywhere.

Arco Naturale, Italy: Arco Naturale on the east coast of Capri is actually the remains of a collapsed grotto. 

Nature's Window, Australia: Nature's Window is one of Western Australia's most iconic natural attractions.

Rainbow Bridge, USA: Rainbow Bridge National Monument in southern Utah stands 88 m (290 ft)—one of the tallest natural bridges in the world.

Percé Rock, Canada: This massive sheer rock formation in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence on the tip of the Gaspé Peninsula in Quebec.

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