AMD What it is, and how to spot it

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When to seek urgent attention: It is important that you see an eye doctor urgently if your vision suddenly.

Further symptoms: In addition to the blurred or distorted area, other symptoms include seeing.

Introducing AMD: Age-related macular degeneration–more commonly referred to as AMD.

Recognizing the symptoms: It is important to recognize the symptoms of AMD, as without treatment.

Causes: It is not known exactly what causes AMD, but it has been linked to certain behaviors.

No visible symptoms: It is important to keep in mind that AMD is not painful.

As the condition progresses: If the condition worsens, it may become impossible to see anything.

Diagnosing AMD: At your appointment, the optician will most likely use a magnifying.

Use of eye drops - They may use eye drops to make any problems easier for them to spot,

First symptoms: The first symptom of AMD is often a blurred or distorted patch in your vision.

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