America's secret airline the government doesn't want you to know about

Janet: Nobody really knows why the airline is called Janet.

Strange markings: The planes are not marked by the typical logo seen on commercial airlines.

The fleet: Janet's fleet contains just 11 aircrafts—six Boeing 737-600s, two Beechcraft 1900s, and three Beechcraft 200Cs.

First flights: The first flights on Janet Airlines took place in 1972.

Who owns the airline: The fleet belongs to the US Air Force and the planes are operated by the defense contractor, AECOM.

Home sweet home: The airline operates out of McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas.

Private terminal: The airline operates out of a private and restricted terminal that is known as the Gold Coast Terminal.

Daily operations: Popular Mechanics publication reports that the terminal's parking lot fills up with hundreds of cars every day.

Who runs the terminal: AECOM operates the aircraft, but it is unknown as to who owns and runs the terminal.

Flight attendants: Flight attendants are required to hold top-secret security clearance to work for the airline.

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