America unique wildlife

Pupa: Plump and enticing, the luna moth caterpillar is identified by the dots that run along its dorsal side.

Black-footed ferret: Listed as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), this largely nocturnal.

Luna moth: Striking in its size and stunning symmetry, this beautiful moth is characterized by its translucent.

Marine habitat: Their slender, torpedo-shaped physique and powerful hind flippers make them agile swimmers and formidable hunters.

Eyespots: Resembling the staring eyes of an alert animal, the moth's vivid eyespots help draw a potential predator's.

Hawaiian monk seal: Found in the remote Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, this is one of the most endangered.

Pronghorn:Indigenous to interior western and central North America, this sure-footed species is known colloquially as the American antelope.

Down time: The seals breed and haul-out on sand, corals and volcanic rock, and like nothing better than to spend a little.

Newborns: Litter size ranges from 1–5 kits, with furry, button-eyed youngsters emerging into the big wide world.

Shy and elusive: Active above ground from dusk to midnight and again in the early morning.

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