Animals in Movies

Funny Ice Age:Introducing children to the concepts of prehistoric times and prehistoric animals has never been more fun, or funny, than with this movie. Ice Age is a computer-animated comedy .

Fun The Jungle Book:was inspired by the real-life story of male feral child Dina Sanichar, who was raised by wolves. In the animated adventure-musical-comedy, the boy is named Mowgli .

Romantic Lady and the Tramp:Lady and the Tramp is a classic romantic animal movie. Lady is a Cocker Spaniel who feels neglected at home and ends up venturing outside. She eventually finds the Tramp.

Sweet Bambi: is one of the first movies many people watched as children. It’s clear to understand why: the deer Bambi is curious and adorable as the main character. He loves his mother.

Wise Old Yeller:The story of a yellow dog that everyone loves, Old Yeller is an adventure drama. A teenage boy finds a stray dog that came to his house and reluctantly adopts him. 

Heroic The Lion King:The animated musical drama The Lion King truly lives up to its genre. Produced during the Disney Renaissance period it is a magical story of a kingdom of African lions with Simba

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