Animals that Look Like Snakes 

Snake-Eels:If you are walking along the seashore in Texas and are startled by a snake’s head poking out of the sand, you might have found a snake-eel. 

Caterpillars:There are a variety of caterpillars that disguise themselves to look like snakes. Two dark spots that look like the eyes of snakes and coloration patterns .

Asian Jumping Earthworms:earthworms are an invasive species in the United States that have a negative effect on native plants, invertebrates, salamanders, and some birds.

Slow Worm:As the name implies, you would think this is a worm , but it is actually another kind of legless lizard. Slow worms can grow to be 15-20 inches long and have yellowish-grey, shiny skin.

 Legless Lizards:Why wouldn’t you refer to legless lizards as snakes? They certainly look like snakes! There are a few characteristics that make them true lizards and not snakes. 

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