Animals That Only Eat Plants

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Cow: Cows are considered the main source of milk production worldwide.

Deer: Deer are herbivores, meaning they only eat plants. 

Gorilla: Gorillas are herbivores, meaning they don’t eat meat or fish. Their diet consists mainly of plants, fruit, and vegetables.

Buffalo: Buffalo are ruminants that feed mainly on grasses. They also consume some  fruits, roots, leaves, bark, and other vegetation.

Goat: Goats are herbivores, meaning they eat only plants. 

Horses: Horses are herbivores. That means they eat plants. Their main food sources include grasses, hay, and other vegetation.

Elephant: Elephants are herbivores and feed primarily on grasses, leaves, fruit, and bark.

Elk: Their diet consists mainly of grasses, leaves, twigs, bark, and buds.

Bees: Bees don’t have teeth or jaws, so they rely on their mouthparts to break down food. 

Hummingbird: Hummingbirds are tiny creatures that live in tropical regions around the globe.

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