Animals who saved the day

The whale defender: Whales, the gentle giants of the seas, are known for their warm and protective personalities.

Binti Jua the gorilla: Gorillas are without a doubt strong and territorial animals, and horror stories like.

Lulu the lifesaving pig: It's common knowledge by now that pigs get a bad rap.

Sasha the pit bull: The pit bull is another animal with an often unfair reputation.

Pearly the parrot: It'd be hard to think of an animal more different from a dog than a parrot.

Sea lion to the rescue: In September of 2000, 19-year-old Kevin Hines took a leap from San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge.

Land lions save the day: Nature doesn't get much wilder than a pride of lions.

Rusty the trusty cat: Cats are usually just about the most nonchalant pet you can get.

Max the swimming pitty: One day in Australia, a boy fell into a river and found himself unable to swim himself back to safety.

The story of Balto: The 1995 animated film 'Balto' told the story of a courageous sled dog of the same name who raced a diphtheria antitoxin 674 miles.

The story of Balto: Nome, a village which lies only two degrees south of the Arctic Circle, faced extinction due to a diphtheria epidemic in 1925. 

Karina and her puppy: In the far east of Russia lies the Sakha Republic, a cold and uninviting place covered in forest and snow.

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