Animals With Bad Memory

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Chimpanzees: Chimpanzees have a bad memory because they do not use working memory. 

Pig-tailed Macaques: Yes, they do! The pig-tailed macaque has a short attention span and poor memory. 

Squirrel Monkeys: Squirrel monkeys live in Central America and South America. 

Bees: The bee has a simple nervous system, but it’s packed with neurons.

Baboons: Baboons do have a bad memory. They forget things they learn after a while. 

Hamsters: Well, they don’t! They simply have short memories. 

Snakes: Snakes are reptiles that belong to the class Reptilia.

Giraffes: Giraffes are known for their long necks, but they also have short memories. 

Sloths:  Sloths don’t remember things for long periods of time. 

Ostriches: Ostrich don’t really have bad memories. They just prefer to forget things. 

Turkeys: Turkey has a bad memory because they eat too much. 

Goldfish: Goldfish are often seen as being very simple creatures. 

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