Animals With Black Eyes

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American Crow: The American Crow has black eyes. They are also known as the Blackbird.

Black-Eyed Leaf Frog: The Black Eyed Leafe Frog has dark black eyes. 

Crabs: Some species of crab have evolved to have black eyes. These crabs live in caves where the only source of light is from the moonlight. 

Oriental bay owl: Oriental bay owl  have black eyes.  They has a large head, long legs, and a short tail. 

Meercats: Meercats has black eye. They were born with black eyes. But they don’t look bad at all.

Snakes: Snakes have black eyes because they use them to detect light. Their eyes are also used for hunting prey.

Pitbull: Bulldogs have black eyes, but they also have brown eyes. The color of the eye depends on the breed of dog.

Black-headed grosbeak: The Black-headed Grosbeak has dark eyes, which are usually brownish-black. 

Seals: Seals have black eyes. They spend all day underwater.

Rabbits: Rabbits have black eyes because of the pigment melanin, which helps protect them from sunburns. 

Monkeys: Monkeys have black eyes. However, they also have brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes, hazel eyes, gray eyes, and yellow eyes. 

Panda: Pandas have a circular ring of black fur around the eyes, and their eyes usually appear black or dark brown.

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