Animals With Flippers

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Animals With Flippers: They flap its two fore-flippers and sometimes use its tusk to move forward by using them as an anchor on the ice surface. 

Porpoises: Its flipper, dorsal fins, and flukes help to achieve a speed of about 25 km per hour.

Vaquita: The males of vaquita have a taller dorsal fin height than the female, whereas the females of vaquita have larger flippers.ncreased.

Beluga Whale: The pectoral flipper of beluga whales is actually a modified forelimb with the same skeletal element as the land mammals.

Sea lion:  Sea lions use flippers for steering and hind flippers for propelling and combinations of both to attain a maximum speed of about  30 mph.

Leatherback Sea Turtle: A leatherback sea turtle, also known as lute turtle, leathery turtle, is the largest currently living turtle.

Manatee: Interestingly, Its front flippers are used for steering through the water. 

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