Animals With Hooves

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Rhinoceroses: The rhino is the only living species of horned ungulate hoofed mammals. 

hippo: They have three toes on each foot. This makes them quite unique compared to other animals.

giraffes:  Giraffes also have long necks and legs, which makes their feet look much bigger than they really are.

deer: Although deer don’t have claws or sharp hooves, their front feet are webbed together.

antelopes: Antelope have no claws, only hoofs.

Horses: Horses have hooves, which are made up of three layers.

cattle: Their hooves allow them to walk easily over rough terrain.

pigs: Pigs do have hoofs, and the term “trottin'” is used in culinary lingo for pig’s foot. 

sheep: Sheep are herbivores, meaning they eat only plants.

camels: Camel hooves are designed to provide traction on soft surfaces such as sand dunes.

zebras: Cloven-hoofed animals are often called two-toed because each foot has two toes.

Bison: The bison uses these claws to dig into the ground to get food.

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