Animals With Horns

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Markhor: The fighting between males involves lunging, locking horns, crashing their huge horns against each other.

Saiga: The length of the horn varies depending on the species it belongs to.

Nubian Ibex: During the breeding season, males fight each other by clashing horns against one another.

Blackbuck: These antelopes can fight aggressively through their horns that involves stabbing, head-to-head collision.

Greater kudu: To establish dominance, to gain female mates, males fight each other through their horns.

Ankole-Watusi: These cattle breeds possess large horns that are widespread and have a large circumference.

Gerenuk: Only the males of the gerenuk species have horns, which are strong, thick, S-shaped, or lyre-shaped, and can reach up to 16 inches in length.

Addax: The males of addax are large and possess longer horns than the females, these features can be used to distinguish them.

African buffalo: The distance between the tip of the two horns is about 65 inches wide.

Mouflon: An interesting fact about mouflon is, They are believed to be the ancestor of currently living domesticated sheep breeds.

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