Animals With Opposable Thumbs

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Humans: Humans are the one animal who can take the maximum advantage of opposable thumbs than the other animal.

Orangutans: The Orangutans belong to great apes that are intelligent like other apes such as the chimps, gorillas, etc.

baboons: There are about five different species of baboons that all belong to the old world monkeys and are found in Africa, Arabia, and other places.

Lar gibbon: The lar gibbons are also known as White-handed gibbons belonging to lesser apes.

Rhesus Macaque: The rhesus macaque is a highly intelligent monkey belonging to the Old World monkey.

Siamang Gibbon: The siamang is a large gibbon that is almost twice the size of other gibbons with black-fur belonging to lesser apes and are found in Indonesia.

Nilgiri Langur: Nilgiri langur is also known as hooded leaf monkey, black leaf monkey, Indian hooded leaf monkey is a langur belonging to the old world monkey.

Koalas: The koala is an arboreal marsupial found in the eastern, southern regions of Queensland.

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