Animals With Pouches

Heading 1

kangaroo: A pouch of a kangaroo is frequently cleaned by the mother by putting her head inside the pouch and also licking the excretion of Joey.

Wallaby: An adult female wallaby called ‘does’, ‘flyers’, or ‘jills’ bears a pouch for its underdeveloped baby.

Wombat: The newborn wombat called Joey is so tiny as it weighs only about 1 gram and is about 1 inch long.

Tree Kangaroo: The joey of a Tree-kangaroo is successfully survived when it is transferred to the pouch of female wallabies.

Wallaroos: Surprisingly, Male wallaroos develop faster than female wallaroos.

American Opossums: After the pouch life, the juveniles crawl on the back of the mother to learn survival skills. 

Horned Marsupial Frog: This brood pouch releases the tiny froglets without involving them to undergo tadpole stage.

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