Animals With Shortest Lifespan

 Drone Ant:A drone ant doesn’t look like the usual ant you may see on a sidewalk. It has wings and a large body similar to a wasp. However, it is an ant with a very important role in the life.

 Labord’s Chameleon: is named after a French explorer named Jean Laborde. He was the one who first spotted these reptiles in their forest habitat in Madagascar. This colorful chameleon is hard.

Housefly: live wherever humans do. Why? Because they’re attracted to the sights and smells of the foods that humans eat. These flies may land on a filled garbage dumpster one moment and land.

Worker Bee: A young worker bee has lots of jobs. It feeds the larvae of bees in the hive, processes nectar, and makes honey. As a worker bee gets older it has to get water from the area and bring.

Mayfly: is a small flying insect that lives around lakes, ponds, and streams in North America. It belongs to the order Ephemeroptera. The fact that it belongs to this order says a lot .

Fruit Fly:are very small at just one-eighth of an inch long. Their red eyes make them a little easier to identify when comparing them with gnats and other flies. 

Mosquitofish: are found in areas of the Mississippi River and in the Gulf of Mexico. This fish consumes a large number of mosquito larvae. Female mosquitofish grow to 2.8 inches in length .

Common Mouse:is adaptable, living in many types of environments. They can live in homes, on farms, in city buildings, or in the woods. This small rodent is on a list of animals with shortest lifespan

Dragonfly: They are colorful insects and very interesting to watch. They are on this list of animals with the shortest lifespan because an adult dragonfly lives just four months. 

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