Animals with Shortest Lifespan

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Mayfly: Mayfly is also known as shadfly, fishfly, up-winged fly, is an aquatic insect that usually lives in water by burrowing in the bottom of lakes, ponds, etc.

Culex pipiens Mosquito: Culex pipiens is also known as house mosquito is a species of mosquito that usually live in temperate and tropical regions. 

Aphids: Aphid is also known as greenfly, blackfly is a very small sized sap-sucking insect that occurs in many colors such as green, yellow.

Houseflies: The housefly is a fly that belongs to the Insecta. 

Dwarf Pygmy goby: The dwarf pygmy goby, also known as Philippine goby is small-sized reef-dwelling fish that is adapted to brackish water.

DragonFly: A dragonfly is a flying insect that is identified by large compound eyes with about 20,000 ommatidia or Ocelli cells.

Brine Shrimp: The brine shrimp is an aquatic crustacean that inhabits salt lakes and feeds on occurring planktonic algae, yeast, wheat flour, soybean powder.

Monarch Butterflies: The monarch butterfly is also known as the common tiger, wanderer, black veined brown is a milkweed butterfly.

Guinea Pigs: The guinea pig is also known as the cavy, domestic cavy is actually a species of rodent and is mainly used in laboratories.

Bordeaux Mastiff: The Bordeaux Mastiff is also known as Dogue de Bordeaux, French Mastiff, is a french origin dog that is identified by its stock body.

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