Animals With Stripes

Heading 1

Zebra: The interesting fact about its stripes is they are unique to each individual zebra. 

Bongo: Its bright white stripes on the chestnut-brown colored coat help them to camouflage with their background habitats.

Okapi: These combinations of white stripes on the chocolate-reddish brown coat enable camouflage features.

Zorse: Zorse can have a short, coarse fur that varies color by white, tan, grey, red, brown, or black.

Tiger: Its black stripes and brown fur imitate the falling sunlight in the forest.

African Wild Ass: Interestingly, Its horizontal stripes present on its legs resembles those stripes on the legs of the zebra.

Numbat: Its main predators are birds, snakes, and other animals find difficulty to recognize these numbats because of its combinations.

Striped Skunk: Interestingly, the Striped skunk has a white-colored unique stripe on its head, a thin and long stripe.

Aardwolf: These combinations of the dirty yellowish coat with black stripes on the body.

Clownfish: Interestingly, These combinations of the orange body with white stripe and black line makes them so beautiful.

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