Animals with the most ridiculous names

Spiny lumpsucker: Members of the Cyclopteridae family are known as "lumpsuckers" because of their spherical shape.

Red-lipped batfish:
One of the strangest-looking fish in the sea, it has bright red lips and pectoral fins that resemble bat wings. 

Fried egg jellyfish:
The fried egg jellyfish gets its name from a strong resemblance to a fried egg served sunny side up.

Leafy seadragon:
The leafy seadragon is known for its close resemblance to the mythical serpentine dragons. It can be found along the southern coast of Australia.

The shoebill is a large wading bird, found in tropical East Africa. They're known for their long, curved beaks and their distinctive call.

Screaming hairy armadillo:
The "screaming" part refers to its tendency to loudly squeal when threatened by predators.

Pleasing fungus beetle:
They're named after their habit of feeding on fungus, and some have gained notoriety as significant pests.

Wunderpus photogenicus:  is the scientific name for the wunderpus octopus, which alludes to its appearance.

Chicken turtle: Living in the southeastern US, the chicken turtle used to be a popular source of meat. It supposedly tasted like chicken, which led to its name.

Common cockchafer:
The common cockchafer is a type of flying beetle found in Europe and North America.

Hummingbird hawk-moth: This moth is named after two birds, but it resembles a hummingbird far more than a hawk.

Frilled-necked lizard:
Found in Australia and New Guinea, the frilled-necked lizard is named after the large frill around its neck.