Animals With Three Eyes

Tuatara: Tuatara are less seen reptiles that are usually found in New Zealand and belong to the reptiles.

Iguana: Iguana is herbivorous, omnivorous lizards are found in Mexico, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, Southern Brazil.

Praying Mantis: Mantises are five-eyed insects found in temperate and tropical habitats. I

Bees: Bees are flying insects that are found to have five eyes. 

Wasp: A wasp is an insect with five eyes, and breathtakingly there are about  1,00,000 wasp species present worldwide.

Starfish: Starfish are also known as sea stars, large invertebrates belong to echinoderms that are usually found in the marine.

Scorpions: Scorpion is an arachnid usually nocturnal type that is characterized by a pair of grasping pincers, eight legs, a curved tail with a sting.

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