Animals With Webbed Feet

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Ducks: Have you ever wondered why ducks have webbed feet? Well, they don’t really have feet at all.

Mallard Ducks: The mallard duck is a large waterfowl native to North America.

Capybara: Capybara are the largest rodents in the world. 

American bullfrog: Bullfrogs have webbed feet because it allows them to jump higher and farther than other animals.

Pelicans: Webbed feet are adaptations to life in water.

Crocodiles: Crocodiles are reptiles that belong to the order Crocodylia. 

Geese: Geese have webbed feet because they walk on water.

Swans: Swan evolution has resulted in the development of webbed feet.

Petrels: They also have webbed feet, which helps them to walk on water. 

Albatrosses: Albatrosses are known for their long necks and wingspan.

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