Are you at risk from radon

The radioactive elements: -There are many radioactive elements that occur in nature, including radium, uranium.

High-risk spaces: -Radon usually disperses in outdoor areas so it’s not as problematic.

Lung cancer: -Radon exposure is the second biggest cause of lung cancer after smoking.

Natural radiation: -Radiation exists everywhere, as radioactive elements are part of the Earth and are found in rock, soil, and water. 

Radon: -Radon gas has no taste, smell, or color, which is why it can be so dangerous.

Discovery: -Radon was first discovered by German scientist Friedrich Ernst Dorn in 1900.

Nuclear energy: -Radioactive elements give off energy that can be harnessed to generate nuclear power.

Risk to miners: -Today, we know that miners were one of the groups most affected by radon exposure, as they often worked in areas with high uranium levels. 

What does it do: -When the human body is exposed to high levels of radon gas, the particles are deposited in the cells lining the airways. 

Radon poisoning in the past: -A Swiss doctor named Paracelsus recorded cases of radon poisoning as far back as 1530.

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