Artists and authors who destroyed their own work

Franz Kafka: Before he died in 1924, the famous novelist burned a lot of his writings.

Franz Kafka: Luckily, Brod went against Kafka's wishes and many of the novelist's famous works were then published.

Claude Monet: Following an exhibition in Paris in 1908, the Impressionist painter destroyed 15.

Claude Monet: Monet did it again just before he died. This time, he had the help of his stepdaughter Blanche.

Georgia O'Keeffe: During the final years of her life, the "Mother of American modernism" bought back several of her paintings.

Banksy: In 2018, Banksy's famous 'Girl with Balloon' was sold at an auction in London.

Michelangelo: The Italian sculptor damaged his own work, the famous 'The Deposition,' after working on it for eight years.

Michelangelo: Apparently, the artist did so after he became enraged because his servant Urbino was constantly urging him to finish it.

James Joyce: The story goes that the Irish novelist was not happy about his autobiographical novel 'Stephen Hero.

James Joyce: Luckily, Joyce's sister Eileen and his wife, Nora Barnacle, saved it from complete destruction.

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