Artists who've ruined their careers in the past decade

R. Kelly - In 2017, the R&B star was accused of abusing one of his ex-girlfriends and sexually assaulting other women.

R. Kelly - In 2019, the mini-series 'Surviving R. Kelly' covered the investigation into the allegations. The artist is still facing various court dates.

Ryan Adams - After enjoying great success for many years, a number of women accused Adams of sexual harassment and manipulative behavior.

Ryan Adams - Among the alleged victims was his ex-wife, Mandy Moore. The artist canceled his tour of Britain and Ireland two weeks after the allegations surfaced.

Nelly - The rapper enjoyed great success in the past, but he hasn't kept up his fame. In 2013 he even decided to experiment with country music!

Nelly - In addition, he was also accused of sexual assault by several women.

Iggy Azalea - 'Fancy' was a huge hit in 2014, but then Iggy Azalea went on a hiatus. She never fully recovered her mainstream popularity.

T-Pain - The artist's career progressively died out throughout the last decade, and in 2019 he had to cancel his tour due to poor ticket sales.

Michelle Shocked - During a concert in San Francisco in 2013, the singer shared her views on gay marriage and California's Proposition 8.

Michelle Shocked - Among other things, Shocked said that "God hates fa****s." Needless to say, her audience found it offensive.

Sonic Youth - In 2011, the band's iconic couple, Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore, got divorced. The reason? Moore's affair with his collaborator, editor Eva Prinz.

Sonic Youth - The band, together since 1981, eventually split up, with many fans blaming Moore.

Tekashi 6ix9ine - Everything was going well for the rapper, until he was arrested on multiple charges, including attempted murder. 

Tekashi 6ix9ine - In 2019, he testified against his alleged associates in the street gang Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods. He reportedly lost his credibility and was called a snitch by other rappers.

The Orwells - In 2018, a Reddit post accusing several band members of sexual misconduct against their fans, dictated the end of the band.

The Orwells - The Orwells denied the allegations, but the band officially dismembered shortly after. They're back in 2019 with an independent release as their label dropped them.

Threatin -
You might not have heard of this band, and this is exactly why their career was ruined. They fabricated their entire success, from a fake fan base to a fake record label. 

Threatin -
The American band even managed to trick promoters in the UK to book them shows. They played for three people in London.

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