Astounding child support payments of the stars

Eddie Murphy - When a DNA test revealed that Murphy was, in fact, the father of former Spice Girl Mel B's daughter, he was ordered to pay US$51,000 per month for the child.

Britney Spears - When she got divorced from Kevin Federline, the singer was forced to pay US$20,000 per month for her sons, Sean and Jayden.

Nas - After separating from singer Kelis, the rapper's child support payments started at US$40,000 per month, but eventually dropped (to Kelis' frustration) to $8,000.

Paul McCartney - In 2008, the musician's divorce from Heather Mills was one of the most expensive ever. On top of a settlement, McCartney was ordered to pay US$45,500 in yearly child support.

50 Cent -
The rapper was originally paying US$25,000 in child support per month to ex-wife Shaniqua Tompkins, but it was reportedly lowered one year later to $6,700.

Terrell Owens -
The former NFLer has four kids with four different women, and reportedly pays various amounts of child support that total US$44,000 monthly.

Russell Simmons - After divorcing Kimora Lee Simmons in 2009, Simmons agreed to pay US$20,000 for each of the kids they have together, a total of $40,000 per month in child support.

Val Kilmer - After divorcing Joanne Whalley in 1996, the actor was ordered to pay US$27,000 per month for their two kids. 

Stevie Wonder -
After separating from his second wife, Kai Millard Morris, the musician was ordered to pay US$25,000 per month for his kids, Kailand and Mandla.

Michael Strahan - The former NFL star was forced to pay ex-wife Jean Muggli US$15 million in the divorce, as well as a further $18,000 in monthly child support for their twins.

Halle Berry -
After separating from Gabriel Aubry, the actress was ordered to pay US$16,000 per month to support their daughter, Nahla.

Bow Wow -
The musician reportedly pays US$3,000 per month in child support for his daughter with Joie Chavis.

Mos Def -
After his 10-year marriage to Maria Yepes ended in 2006, the rapper was ordered to pay US$10,000 in monthly child support for their kids, Jauhara and Chandani Smith.

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