Top 10 Attractive Wedding Destinations In The U.S

Maine: The Northeast isn’t exactly the first place you would normally think of when it comes to a wedding destination.

North Carolina: Another perfect destination wedding state is North Carolina. 

Miami, Florida: Miami, Florida is a hot tourist destination, however, it also happens to be pretty popular for weddings as well.

Santa Monica, California: Santa Monica, California is a magical place for many reasons. The Pier is an excellent place to capture your special moment for beach lovers.

New Orleans, Louisiana: If you want to get lost in the Creole community and give your wedding guests an event to remember for the rest of their lives.

Newport, Rhode Island: Newport, Rhode Island is one of the most opulent places to visit in the Northeast.

San Francisco, California: San Francisco is a beautiful city filled with amazing architecture and of course that famous Golden Gate Bridge.

Hawaii: Hawaii’s beautiful islands are encouraging and welcoming.

Las Vegas, Nevada: We all know why Las Vegas is a go to to get married.

Georgia: Beautiful Southern weddings are some of the most magical ones to have.

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