Here's how to avoid hangover, according to the experts

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The rebound effect: - A lot of disturbance is caused by the "rebound effect," which disturbs you when you sleep.

Preparing the bed: - Preparing your bed and living space is a great way to ensure you have a good rest after drinking.

Disturbed during sleep: - This makes you more sensitive to light coming through the window, or loud noises, waking you from your important sleep.

Other ways to sleep well: - Blackout curtains or a sleeping mask can prevent light from disturbing you while you sleep.

Before you start: - There are many ways to prepare for a hangover, and you can do it before even starting to drink.

Cool room temperature: - A cool room temperature (60 to 68°F, or 15 to 20°C) can help you avoid getting clammy and muggy while you sleep.

A balanced meal: - Eating a balanced meal is very important, especially before having a few drinks.

Protein and carbs: - A slow-burning meal with plenty of protein and carbohydrates can introduce alcohol into your body at a slower pace.

Preparing while you're out: - Believe it or not, there are also ways to prepare for a hangover while you're out having fun.

Red meat: - That means your body can process the alcohol without working too hard. Red meat comes recommended by some medical professionals.

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