Avoid these healthy foods and live longer

Whole grain
The idea of eating whole grain as opposed to processed cereal grains sounds like a good one.

Sports drinks
Drinks such as Gatorade and Powerade can be beneficial for athletes in certain circumstances. Most people however do not need the added sugar, minerals, and artificial dyes.

Fruit juices
These are essentially soda. Fruit juices are high in sugar, water, and not much else.

Organic processed foods
The answer is no. It is essentially the same as regular sugar: fructose and glucose. Organic processed food is still processed food.

Margarine is nothing like butter, which despite being rich in saturated animal fat, is actually real food. 

Gluten can trigger an inflammatory response in our bodies, but this doesn't necessarily mean that gluten-free alternatives of a specific food are healthier.

Low-fat and fat-free products
Take your average low-fat yogurt for instance. Fat does give a lot of flavor to food.

Breakfast cookies
This is yet another marketing strategy. Breakfast cookies are, well, cookies. There's nothing "healthy" about them.

Breakfast cereal
Despite many breakfast cereal having bold health claims printed on their packaging, most are full of sugar and additives.

Diet soda
It's easy to see how sugar-free versions of popular sodas can be attractive to consumers—most have virtually no calories.

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