Avoid these things before going to the dentist

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Don’t wear your contact lenses if you’re having dental surgery: This is especially true if you have to undergo general anesthetic.

Don’t hide your medical history: It’s important that you are open about your medical history with your dentist.

Don't take painkillers if you’re getting root canal treatment: Taking pain medication beforehand may seem like a practical solution for what.

Don't drink alcohol before going to the dentist: Some people just have a drink and don’t think much of it, while others do so because it helps.

Improving your dental hygiene suddenly before your appointment: Perhaps the thought of going to the dentist made you start flossing three times a day, but dental hygiene works in the long term.

Avoid eating just before a teeth cleaning: It’s recommended that you not eat or drink anything other than water for a few hours prior.

Don’t brush your teeth before your appointment: It’s safe to say we’re all guilty of this. It does make sense, right? Well, it depends.

Don't put on too much makeup: Going to your dentist appointment with your face full of makeup is not a great idea.

Don't bring a picture of your dream Hollywood smile: Bringing a picture of perfect teeth to a cosmetic dental appointment might sound like a good idea at first.

Avoid eating simple carbs before your appointment: Ideally, you will want to eat foods that don’t cause a blood sugar crash, and allow you to supply of energy throughout the entire dental procedure.

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