Back-to-school tips for parents

Visit the grounds: Ensuring your child is familiar with the school is key for their confidence. 

Take your child for a checkup: Make sure to book your appointment early, as there's often a high demand before the school year starts.

Give a classroom demonstration: To help get your child used to the idea of school and homework, have mock classes in the summer.

Buy and try a nap mat: If you have a very young child and the school has a scheduled rest period, find out how long it lasts. 

Make a back-to-school checklist: To help you organize things, some schools provide a checklist of needed school supplies.

Start back-to-school shopping: There's nothing more exciting than getting a new pair of shoes or cool supplies for the new school year.

Take a field trip: Get your child into the learning spirit by visiting places that are both entertaining and intellectually challenging.

Connect with classmates: A nice way to connect with classmates is by hosting a playdate or a picnic with other students. 

Mark the days until school starts: They need time to get back into class mode. Include your child in the countdown to school starting. 

Practice school skills: Apart from academics, there are certain small things that your child should know in order to make their day easier.

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