Bands whose members left right before success

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Fleetwood Mac: -Bob Welch (center rear) cashed in his chips with Fleetwood Mac in 1974 when he decided he had it with the fights and arguments with other members. 

Arctic Monkeys: -After refusing to tour with the band due to fatigue, Andy Nicholson (center right) was replaced as bassist for the era-defining British rock band.

Metallica: -Dave Mustaine (far left) was fired from Metallica for abusing drugs, which he feels was unjust.

Pink Floyd: -Pink Floyd are another classic rock band that have had their fair share of struggles internally. Following their recording. 

The Beatles: -Pete Best (center left) was urged to leave the Beatles after George Martin, their producer, was unhappy with his drumming.

The Beach Boys: -After being a member of The Beach Boys for several years, David Marks (last on the right) left the band in 1963.

Destiny’s Child: -Feeling bitter about the favoritism that manager Mathew Knowles showed towards his daughter Beyoncé and her friend Kelly Rowland

Red Hot Chilli Peppers: -Photographed (from left to right) are Jack Irons, Hillel Slovak, Flea, and Anthony Kiedis. 

U2: -During the early days of forming U2, the Edge’s big brother and guitarist Richard Evans (right) stepped down. 

Guns N' Roses: -Pictured are Tracii Guns (left) and Nikki Sixx (right). Guns N' Roses waved Tracii Guns goodbye for being too lazy.

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