Bands that perfected the art of matching outfits

The Beatles: Particularly early on in their career, John Lennon, Paul McCartney.

ABBA: The Swedish group has numerous number one hits under their belt and are indeed one of the best-selling acts in pop music history

The Beach Boys: Brian Wilson and the boys often wore matching outfits. This promo shot is a good example.

Kiss: The band is known for their iconic characters, makeup, platform boots, and a real knack for putting on a good rock show!

The Jackson 5: The Jacksons are a showbiz family, and as such knew how important image was for the success of the group.

Wham!: George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley knew how to make their image work. 

Boyz II Men: In addition to heart-melting vocal harmonies, Boyz II Men also look great in their matching outfits.

Ramones: The New York punk rockers had a distinctive style, with matching hairstyles and the perfect balance of denim and leather.

The Supremes: What would be of the 1960s without Diana Ross and the girls singing harmonies in their cute matching outfits, right?

Destiny's Child: Kelly Rowland, Beyoncé, and Michelle Williams were known for coordinating outfits on- and offstage. 

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