Beaches that light up as if by magic

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Jervis Bay, Australia: Just two hours from Sydney, Jervis Bay is one of Australia's most sought after seaside destinations. Tourists are drawn to its white beaches and marvels of nature.

Fireflies and bioluminescence: Just think of fireflies. What allows this species to light up is a phenomenon called bioluminescence.

The light: Light is the engine of life on our planet, but for some organisms, light represents much more.

An amazing show: An image to take your breath away. On this occasion, the electric blue of the sea contrasts with the northern lights.

Blue waves: The blue waves we have seen in this gallery are caused by bioluminescence, and specifically by the bioluminescence of plankton. Some seas are particularly rich in phytoplankton.

The Yellow Sea: Located between the Chinese coast and the Korean peninsula, the Yellow Sea gets its name from the sand particles that give the water a yellow hue.

More wonders of the Yellow Sea: In this picture of the Yellow Sea, we can also see that the light show and the contours of the rocks are really impressive.

Dalian, China: Even in Dalian, a city overlooking the Bohai Sea, it is possible to witness the spectacular blue waves crashing against the rocks.

Other places where this phenomenon can be enjoyed: Other countries where you can see this spectacle of nature are Thailand, Vietnam, Puerto Rico and Jamaica.

Wales: This stunning photo was taken at Southerndown beach in 2019. The mist makes the view even more impressive.

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