Beatles in Japan See Intimate Photos of Historic 1966 Tokyo Trip

Signed Program: I decided I wouldn't just photograph the Beatles, but also what they saw, touched and felt.

Fan Reading Up on John: "I think [the Beatles] must have felt so many things during this short period.

Beatles Make Their Getaway: Though there had to be a lot of security, the Beatles actually escaped from it briefly. I think they accepted their situation though.

Ringo and Paul During Downtime: When I first saw the Beatles, they were in a large room, resting. 

Meet the Press: They looked frustrated about the amount of security, and they were. But they didn't hate this situation, they accepted it.

George With Antique: One Japanese antiques dealer was brought to the Beatles' room. Their experience of seeing.

Japanese Fans Flaunt Their Beatlemania: I saw many teenage girls and they seemed to be the generation that understood the Beatles most.

View From the Hotel Window: The Beatles mainly just saw the scenery from the hotel and the car that took them to the Budokan. 

Beatles Onstage: I could hear almost nothing, music or screaming, though the concert featured 11 songs.

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