Beautiful indoor plants to grow at home

Rhapis - Originally from China, this plant looks very similar to bamboo, with long, thin stems. 

Begonia -
Small and charming, this is the perfect plant for small pots. 

Licuala - The licuala looks like a palm, and can be grown in a pot or in an indoor garden. 

Bromelia - Even within the home, these plants need quite a bit of light, though they shouldn't be directly in the sun. 

Chamaedorea - As this plant can reach almost two meters, it should be kept in a larger pot.

Violet -
Coming in multiple colors, despite the name, violets are perfect for small, decorative pots within the home, as long as they don't get direct sunlight.

Dracaena -
Often used to decorate offices and closed environments. It is resistant to air conditioning, and doesn't need to be exposed to direct sunlight. 

Gerbera daisy - In addition to its beauty, the plant is very resistant and has air purifying qualities. 

Viper's bowstring hemp - Due to its vertical leaves and cylindrical format, it's the ideal plant for the corners of small, indoor spaces. 

Azalea - With eye-catching flowers, azaleas are plants often used in yards, but can also be used in the home if they are cared for correctly. 

Spider plant -
Recommended for warmer environments, its long leaves grow in the shape of an arc, with each plant having multiple stalks.

Transvaal daisy -
This flower has air purifying properties. It needs to get plenty of sunshine and be watered regularly.

Lucky bamboo - Legend has it that this plant is synonymous with good luck when given as a gift. 

Elephant's foot - This plant, that looks a bit like a coconut tree, is ideal for sunny places and does not need much water, because it is a typical desert plant.

Bromeliads - This is one of the best plants for decorating an apartment because of its small size.

Lady palm - This plant will give your home a sophisticated touch. To have it in your apartment, you will only need to water it with some frequency.

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