Beautiful indoor plants to grow at home

these plants need quite a bit of light, though they shouldn't be directly in the sun. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the pot, as these plants have a tendency to attract bugs .

Peace lily
This plant blooms in the shade. The ideal scenario is to leave it next to a window, or in a warmer environment in the house. 

Devil's ivy
It's known for its bright green and yellow flowers. It's incredibly adaptable to different temperatures, though you should be careful not to water it too much.

Areca palm
The plant grows in direct sunlight, though the leaves are brighter when given a bit of shade. 

This plant can either be kept in pots or in small gardens, but it must always be kept partially in the shade, and can never catch direct sunlight. 

They like both water and light, though they should be cultivated in indirect sunlight. They are good in vertical spaces, as their leaves grow upwards.

Small and charming, this is the perfect plant for small pots. However, pay attention to the care instructions, as there are indoor and outdoor.

Coming in multiple colors, despite the name, violets are perfect for small, decorative pots within the home, as long as they don't get direct sunlight.

As this plant can reach almost two meters, it should be kept in a larger pot. The ideal scenario is to have a house with a lot of vertical space

The licuala looks like a palm, and can be grown in a pot or in an indoor garden. In general, it doesn't require a lot of care.

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