The beauty of chaos gardening, and how to go about it

Many different seeds: The first thing to know about chaos gardening is that it requires you to throw your expectations to the wind.

Many different seeds: The most popular technique for chaos gardening is to mix all your disused seed packets together.

As involved as you like: Another thing to know about chaos gardening is that it can be as involved or as hands-off as you like.

As involved as you like: Many chaos gardeners let the rain and birds take care of watering.

Healthier gardens: A great benefit to chaos gardens is that they are often healthier than traditional gardens. 

Healthier gardens: In addition, the plant density of chaos gardens tends to deter pests and foraging animals. 

Tips: Now for some tips on how to get started. The first step to take is to gather all your old.

Gather your seeds: It doesn’t matter the background of the seeds; they can be seeds that you don’t know how to plant.

Gather your seeds: If you don’t have any seeds on hand, you can buy new seeds in a variety of species and plant types.

Sort your seeds: If you want to boost the chance that your chaos garden will succeed, you might consider sorting your seeds.

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