Benefits of going braless

Benefits: comfort -
In the long term, many women report that once they get used to going braless they have a greater sense of freedom and comfort with their bodies.

Benefits: skin health -
As bras absorb sweat and dirt from the skin, they can cause skin irritation and even acne. Clogged pores in that area are no joke!

Benefits: less boob sweat! -  Bras sit tight against the areas that perspire and the materials aren't always breathable. No bra means you may sweat less and dry faster.

Benefits: kill the taboo -
Breasts aren’t inherently sexual. Their main function is to produce milk for breastfeeding. People are not “hardwired” to stare at women’s boobs. 

Myths: underwires cause cancer -
There’s no evidence that this is the case, and no studies have shown any connection between wearing a bra and breast cancer.

Myths: Sleeping in a bra makes them perkier - Nope! There’s no evidence to support this claim. Bras cannot prevent sagging, or make your breasts perkier.

Tips for beginners -
Going braless is a one step process: take off your bra. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple for everyone.

Tips: try a bralette first -
Bralettes tend to be lighter, wireless versions of bras that have little or no padding. It’s a good middle-ground if you’re not ready to go full-nipple yet.

Tips: focus on your posture -
If you rely on your bra to provide support for the weight of your breasts, improving your posture can help.

Tips: bodysuits - A tight bodysuit is fitted and stretchy enough to provide support while still being comfortable. Plus, they usually look better without a bra.

Tips: corsets -
Corsets and tops that tie at the back are back in fashion! They're great for providing that extra support, and you can make them as tight or as loose as you want.

Tips: structured tops -
A structured top or dress can provide almost as much support as a bra. Wearing a bra with it would almost be overkill!

Tips: fashion tape - It’s extra helpful when you’re going braless but are concerned that your top or dress will reveal too much.

Each to their own -
Wearing a bra is a choice that should come down to your own comfort. 

Freedom of choice -
The braless trend and the "Free the Nipple" movement aren’t about encouraging every woman not to wear a bra. 

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