Best advice celebs got from other stars

Taylor Swift to Selena Gomez - Swift once told Gomez that she should constantly surround herself with people who are going to make her better, challenge her, and motivate her.

Sofia Vergara to Ariel Winter - Sofia Vergara told 'Modern Family' co-star Ariel Winter to wear whatever she wants, and feel good about herself.

Tom Hardy to Jack Lowden - Jack Lowden received some simple, yet deep advice from 'Dunkirk' co-star Tom Hardy, who simply told him: "Make it just for you."

Sylvester Stallone to Chrissy Metz - Sylvester Stallone gave 'This Is Us' star Chrissy Metz some good advice. He told her that succeeding was all about resilience and having a thick skin.

Emma Stone to Brie Larson - Stone mentored Brie Larson through a Golden Globes ceremony. Apparently, they were texting each other all the time.

Taylor Swift to Hailee Steinfeld - Taylor Swift gave Hailee Steinfeld some helpful advice. She told her "You’re going to have to make a lot of decisions — make sure it’s you that’s making them."

Cate Blanchett to Natalie Portman - When Natalie Portman asked how Cate Blanchet managed to be such a great mom, she replied: "You just do. Stressing about it doesn’t help."

Courtney Love to Britney Spears - Courtney Love pointed out that Britney Spears needed help and that if she didn't get some, something very bad was going to happen.

Courtney Love to Amanda Bynes - Love offered to help Amanda Bynes when she had a breakdown in 2013. She even told her to "pull it together dude."

Edward Herrman to Alexis Bledel -
The veteran actor took young Bledel under his wing while filming 'Gilmore Girls,' recalled Kelly Bishop, who played the matriarch Emily Gilmore.

Ellen Pompeo to Daniel Craig - The 'Grey's Anatomy' star said Craig needed a reality check, after he announced that he'd rather slit his wrists than play James Bond again.

Frances Bean Cobain to Lana Del Rey - Kurt Cobain's daughter advised the singer to stop glamorizing musicians who die young. 

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