Best California Lakes

 Lake Oroville:is known as “The Bass Lake” and hosts regular bass fishing tournaments. Other fish anglers have a chance hooking include Catfish, Chinook Salmon, Sturgeon, Crappie, Bluegill.

Goose Lake: is an interesting body of water that is known to completely dry up at certain periods and then later refill. It’s also home to the Goose Lake Redband Trout, a native species to the area.

Clear Lake:For lake goers looking for a large lake that isn’t one of the super lakes that stretch across state lines, Clear Lake is a great option. It’s one of the oldest lakes in the world .

Lake Berryessa:is an extremely popular destination for Cali locals and visitors alike. The lake sports an amazing bell-mouth spillway that assists the dam in managing the lake’s water levels.

 Salton Sea:was born of accident in 1905 due to a poorly-constructed irrigation system dumping water into the Salton Basin. The area was a tourist hotspot in the 50s all the way into the 70s until.

Honey Lake: is a self-contained body of water created by runoff from the surrounding Honey Lake Valley. The area is abundant in wildlife, especially birds.

Lake Tahoe: is also an extremely great lake for anglers to potentially pull the next state record-breaking Mackinaw. There are plenty of other great species available to anglers including Largemouth.

Shasta Lake:At the time of its completion in 1945, Shasta Dam, originally called the Kennett Dam, was the second-tallest in the world; today it’s the ninth tallest dam in the United States.

Eagle Lake: is home to the native Eagle Lake Rainbow Trout. Strangely, anglers are not interested in anything else asides from the Trout. The lake has abnormally high alkaline levels.

 Mono Lake:is more saline than what’s found in an actual sea. The reason this strange mini land-locked ocean exists is that the lake doesn’t have any outlet.

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