Best Emotional Support Animals

Dogs: make ideal support animals for all kinds of obvious reasons. Friendly and trainable, they have evolved to read human emotions and respond accordingly to our needs and desires. 

Cats: can be a calm and soothing presence, especially for people suffering from loneliness and anxiety. Whether curled up and purring on your lap or playing with a toy, they are loving.

Rabbits:make excellent emotional support animals both for anxiety and depression. They have some of the softest fur of any domesticated animal in the world.

Parrots:are great pets and support animals for people with all kinds of mental health issues. Their ability to mimic human speech makes them a real joy to interact with, and there is some evidence .

Guinea Pigs:have enjoyed special status as pets, companions, and cultural and religious symbols for thousands of years. Following the fall of the Incan Empire, they became very popular pets.

Sheep and Goats: Nigerian dwarf goats, Nubian dwarf goats, and mini Alpine goats are some of the best goat breeds to interact with. They are known for being naturally curious and inquisitive animals.

Miniature Horses and Ponies: are specifically bred for their small and approachable size. However, they do vary in small but subtle ways. The main difference comes down to their proportions.

 Pigs and Miniature Pigs: have very strong communication skills: barking, squealing, and laughter are all part of their large verbal repertoire. Pigs come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Llamas and Alpacas: may not be the most obvious pick for this list, but they actually make for excellent support animals. As long as they’re raised around people, they are naturally gentle, friendly.

Chickens:may not seem like the most obvious choice for an emotional support animal, but as long as they’re trained and socialized from an early age to accept human contact, there are many great.

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