Best Football Movies of All Time

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Brian’s Song’ (1971: It’s the most melancholy flick on the list, and a former TV movie-of-the-week no less, but Brian’s Song.

We Are Marshall’ (2006: We Are Marshall, which centers on the true story of the tragic plane crash that took the lives of the 1970.

Undefeated’ (2011: The only documentary on the list, Undefeated follows the trials of a high school team in Memphis, TN.

Friday Night Lights’ (2004: Two years before Tim Riggins and Coach Taylor stole our hearts, Friday Night Lights was a movie starring Billy Bob Thornton.

Rudy: Every girl cries while watching The Notebook, and every guy gets the chills while watching Rudy.

‘The Longest Yard’ (1974: This Burt Reynolds offering is a look at both prison life and the sport, and offers two hallmarks of classic 70.

The Waterboy’ (1998: The Waterboy is the lone movie that makes it possible for us to forgive Adam Sandler for making Grown Ups.

Necessary Roughness’ (1991): Necessary Roughness has all the hallmarks of the Nineties: namely, Sinbad. Remember when that guy.

Any Given Sunday’ (1999: Oliver Stone? Check. Al Pacino? Check. One of the most raw and realistic looks at life in pro football?.

Remember the Titans’ (2000: Denzel Washington is good in everything, but in this 70's-set story of race relations and pigskin in the American.

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