6 Best International Destinations to Travel

1. Japan: Japan is an island nation in East Asia. It is without a doubt one of the best destinations for a solitary holiday because it is one of the safest & cleanest.

2. Thailand: Thailand is a traveller's paradise famed for its stunning beaches, mouthwatering cuisine, and kind people.

3. New Zealand: The island nation of New Zealand is located in the southwest Pacific Ocean. It has a beautiful landscape, thriving towns and cities, is the sixth-largest island nation by land area.

4. Iceland: Iceland, a mostly frozen Nordic island, is one of the safest places in the world, so solitary visitors may relax. Iceland is a small, close-knit country.

5. Netherland: Regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation, anyone looking to travel alone will find the Netherlands to be one of the greatest places to go.

6. Australia: One of the finest places for solo travellers to go is Australia, which has a huge backpacker community, especially if you have access to a car.