Best Lizards to Keep As Pets

Black and White Tegus: a South American species, can grow to be nearly 4-5 feet long, and are characterized by gorgeous beaded black and white scales, arranged in intricate patterns.

Bearded Dragons:It is one of the easiest pets to find in stores and with breeders because they are among the easiest to take care of and are quite friendly and playful. 

Skinks:have a diet that mostly consists of insects. All three of the species we’ve mentioned are omnivorous, so they should have diets that are balanced between insects.

Chameleons: are rather calm and docile, but the reason that they are so beloved by owners is their ability to change colors, as well as their kooky globular eyes.

Geckos:are a little smaller than other pet reptiles, but they come in many varieties. The leopard gecko, for example, is one of the most popular options. Their skin can come in a variety of morphs.

Chinese Water Dragons:is native to south China, Vietnam, Thailand, southern China, and Cambodia. In adulthood, Asian water dragons come in shades of green from dark Kelly to light mint.

Caiman Lizards: is at the bottom of this list, it is still incredibly friendly and a great companion for any owner. They get rather large at 5 feet long, so a big enclosure is needed to contain them.

Green Basilisk:is the way to go. With the right traction and speed, they can walk on water. This unique talent is the reason that the green basilisk is known as the “Jesus Christ lizard.”

Green Iguanas: iguanas tend to be rather easy for beginners to take care of because there are no carnivorous tendencies. These reptiles are herbivores, so they should be fairly easy to feed.

Savannah Monitors:is incredibly easy to tame, which gives beginners the fun of a larger reptile without the stress of controlling it. It will need a large habitat with the ability to dig.

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