Best TV Performances

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Florence Pugh, ‘The Little Drummer Girl: The AMC miniseries devolved, like most John Le Carré adaptations, into convoluted nonsense.

Bill Hader, ‘Barry: Assassin number two. Where Comer was a relative unknown sparkling in a fabulous showcase role.

Jodie Comer, ‘Killing Eve: Our first of the list’s two assassins, and the first of two instances where I had to break a tie between two.

Brian Tyree Henry, ‘Atlanta: In almost every way that matters, Atlanta is Donald Glover’s show before it’s anyone else’s. The one exception.

J.K. Simmons, ‘Counterpart: While I was forced to tie-break in a couple of instances on this list, here we get two performances in one slot.

Elisabeth Moss, ‘The Handmaid’s Tale: As rage-inducing as its dystopian future can be, and as exasperating as the clumsy plot mechanics can be.

Keri Russell, ‘The Americans: After Killing Eve, the big co-star coin flip was Russell versus her Emmy-winning partner (onscreen and in life) Matthew Rhys.

Billy Porter, ‘Pose: Ryan Murphy and company filled the Pose cast with more trans actors than any series had previously. Such boldness meant.

Alan Arkin, ‘The Kominsky Method: What a wonder Arkin is as Hollywood agent Norman in the Netflix comedy. His beloved wife dies at the end of the first episode.

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