Big cities on the brink of natural disaster

Tehran, Iran: The Iranian capital has a greater population of over 15 million, who are all at risk living on one of the world's most dangerous fault lines.

Tehran, Iran: Tehran's population is exposed to earthquakes, and there have even been talks to relocate the capital to another city.

Los Angeles, California: It may be the city of angels, but LA is also at high risk of natural disasters.

Los Angeles, California: The greater population of over 14 million is at risk from said earthquakes.

Shanghai, China: China's most populated city is situated on the Yangtze River Delta.

Shanghai, China: There are nearly 17 million people who could be potentially affected by natural disaster.

Kolkata, India: Nearly 18 million people live around Kolkata, located next to the largest river delta.

Kolkata, India: Storms, cyclones, and tsunamis are all quite common in Kolkata.

Nagoya, Japan: In Nagoya, nearly 2.3 million are at risk of natural disaster.

Nagoya, Japan: Tsunamis are a big risk in Nagoya, and a magnitude 9.0 earthquake killed as many of 6,700 people back in 2014.

Jakarta, Indonesia: Nearly 30 million are at risk around Jakarta, thanks to a lack of strong infrastructure.

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